Tuesday, February 24, 2015


It's only February, yet temperatures here hit above 30C as if winter or cold season never came at this part of the world.

 Spring is non-existent; but in the name of fashion, we'll pretend there is and its here!

Darlene made this: New Look 6401

I made this dress for my sister using New Look 6401 pattern, view D. She bought the fabric last year, and I was glad that I finally had the opportunity to make something for her. The fashion fabric itself is sheer some type of silk, I lined it with a nude colored crepe. I sewn the 2 fabrics together, treated it as one.

My sister is *blessed* with a C-cup and she requested to add a little coverage to her bust area, since the dress has a deep V-neckline. I did not want to ruined the design, so I used a nude colored organza instead. It didn't exactly provide a coverage but, it definitely made my sister less conscious.

She wore this dress two weeks ago when we attended a wedding. Though the wedding invitation itself never gave a clue on the theme or color scheme of the wedding itself (no surprise there really), but the venue was at a 5-star hotel, we both immediately thought it called for a formal attire. However, given only a little over two-weeks notice, I have to opt for something well, simple to make.

We just went ahead with hope that we were wearing appropriate to the wedding theme whatever it was.

And it was, because its a spring wedding...!

The walls were covered with green carpet and lots of flowers hanged; the sisters of the bride wore pastel colored ball gowns. The bride wore a sweetheart neckline off the shoulder bodice with huge A-line skirt adored with crystals and small organza flowers. She looks very princess-y to the point that she reminded me of a portrait of Empress of Austria.

I'm sure there would be another wedding for us to attend and I have to make another dress for my little big sister. Maybe, I'll do another one in View B - in jewel tone perhaps?

Happy sewing...!