Sunday, September 13, 2015

a series of unfortunate events

Darlene made this: Cocktail dress

This is the dress I made for my sister. Inspired by a 1950's cocktail dress using a saree fabric. The bodice is based on Burda pattern Princess Sheath Dress and I drafted the skirt pattern based on this tutorial

 The saree has a beautiful border, I tried my best to carefully place the pattern so the border would match along the seam:

Darlene made this: Cocktail dress - Borders

Bodice is lined and interlined with lightweight cotton; while the skirt is interlined with tulle and is lined with a lightweight cotton. 

The dress is a tea-length cocktail dress but because of the fullness of the skirt I decided to sew a horsehair braid at the hem.

When I was making this dress, I thought I will not be able to finish on time - I was down for 3 days with a flu, broke my needles twice and I ran out of scallop lace trim (for the skirt lining hem).

But when the day came for my sister to wear this, it rained. My sister and I stayed home and spent the night watching old episodes of our favorite TV show.

Until then,