Tuesday, November 3, 2015

insta-recap:: october

As I prep for my next project, here's a little recap of what I've been up to:

These are the cut fashion fabric and lining. Since there is no notches, these are marked "SB" as in "side back" so I won't get confused when I sew the pieces together.

I spent my Muharram holiday learning how to pipe flowers using royal icing. These cuties are supposed to be red in color; I used one of those food color paste that comes in tube packaging but the icing turned pink. So I added liquid food color but it turn to orange-red hue instead. When learning something new, making a mistake is inevitable and I have to remind not to beat myself up when I do. Lessons are learnt from those mistakes.

Here are another batch of cuties: the "petals" looked more refined than of the  first batch. The above cuties, because of the added liquid food color, the royal icing had thinner consistency so the different consistency gives different results. Lesson learnt! Plus, I found a reason for me to make more cupcakes!

I'm a selective eater, meaning there are still some dish that I avoid.   Its primarily the reason why I want to know how to cook: there are some dish that I want to know or cuisine that I want to explore. On this particular evening, mom made a fish stew which I avoided eating by making myself a spaghetti carbonara. I think I overcooked the eggs this time but, I didn't care.

Finally, I made a dress!

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