Tuesday, May 19, 2015

insta-recap (1/5-19/5/2015)

I'm currently working on two big sewing projects so for the meantime, you can follow me via 

Darlene Cooked this: Chicken and Pasta

I was PMS-ing and craved for this. This is Chicken and Pasta - the very first recipe I tried that is not my mom's - and I found it at the back label of a can of condensed soup. At that time, I was experimenting and want to expand my palate.

Darlene made this: Homemade Pet Biscuits

Dog biscuits - and I made another batch this week but I added some chicken livers. 

I sew some gym shorts for myself - and will be blogging about it soon. 

Darlene cooked this: Arroz Caldo & Bibingka

A big mall opened in my hometown recently; I missed my hometown and I missed the old days. So I treated my family with Arroz Caldo and Bibingkang Galapong. Bibingka  is a type of rice cake we often treated ourselves as a mid-afternoon snack or if we were lucky as breakfast (yes, breakfast) on weekend mornings. This is  the bibingka of my childhood not the ones that you only see during Christmas season. I am lucky enough to get my hands on to this is a 3-generation old recipe. I am trying to keep the tradition alive by knowing some of my hometown's classic and old fashioned recipes. 

Here is the glimpse of one of the 2 big sewing projects I'm working on. It's wedding season, my sister and I have lots of parties to attend (this is her dress, by the way).

Catch these in real time

Until then, 

xo darlene

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

waste not

I noticed some brown bugs in my flour the other day which means only one thing: CLEAN UP. Which I did however, I wasn't able to bring myself to throw the bug-filled flour away as I was brought up by a mom who taught me to make the most of what I have, literally and figuratively. I do hate wasting but, what else I could do with it?

Dog biscuits!

It just made sense: I got 2 active dogs and my grocery list includes 2-3 packet of dog treats per week!

Darlene made these: Homemade Dog Treats

While I was cleaning my pantry, I found some stale whole wheat flour too and I added the plain flour (sifted, took those critters away). It was enough for this recipe. I know I have dog shaped cookie cutter, but I wasn't able to find it so I used my heart-shaped cookie cutter instead. I'm sure my fur babies would eat these regardless of its shape.

Darlene made these: Homemade Dog Treats

And they did. I'm going to make more of these - it seems more practical since the ingredients are pantry-staple and healthy as well.

Dogs can get sick like us too, so got to keep them stay healthy.