Most expats here would say moving to Oman made them more adventurous: exploring the wadis, enjoying raw beach, and historical sites and souqs.

I too became adventurous: in food and sewing.

Its not that I'm too introvert or anti-social, its just that I had my share of enjoying the great outdoors. My parents have a small farm wherein I spent most of my summers as a child. I climbed trees, indulged myself with its fruits, like mangoes, star apple, wax apple, cottonfruit etc., even pet some chicken, ducks, geese, and goats (well not simultaneously - lol!).

But when I'm at home, I played with my hand-me-down doll; I picked a needle and made some doll clothes with bits and pieces of fabric. Next thing I know, I learnt how to sew with a treadle sewing machine by the time I was 10.  Sewing is a skill I learnt - and still learning. So whenever I see a nice dress from a magazine or from a website, its not price or from boutique I could get it from that I want to know, but rather, how can I sew that?

And yes, I am *mostly* self-taught.

As a child, I am very picky about food. I even wonder how I managed to live with pastries, breads and potatoes. My tough mom managed to made me love food yet, I still have to discover other foods that I like (and don't), and learn more of my family's recipes.

This is my adventure.

Blogging from Muscat, Oman