Wednesday, February 3, 2016

insta-recap, January 2016

I couldn't sew or cook for the past few days now, I'm bit under the weather. Most of my body was covered with rash for three consecutive nights but it's under control. My dermatologist gave me a prescription and I'll be under medication for the next two weeks or so. At the mean time, a little recap:

George got comfy sleeping on my skirt:
George the Orange Tabby

I got these fabric scraps from a yard sale. The yellow is a home decor fabric and it is big enough to make a pair of pillow cases, while the rest are quilt weight cotton.
fabric scaps

We celebrated my parent's 45th wedding anniversary:
Darlene's Sticky Pork Ribs

I mentioned earlier that I am decluttering my closet and I already have donated *some* of my clothing. I used the KonMari method (spark joy) based on countless articles and videos I have read and seen. I still need to get a copy of the book to understand the method completely and to deal with my other stuff. Here is George in my closet; whenever he sees it open he would just get in, make himself comfortable, and stay there for few minutes. One of his favorite things to do :(    

I tried something new last month: Spaghetti with Anchovy Red Sauce. Yes, this is the meatless type of spaghetti and honestly, I miss the meat! Half of the sauce is sitting in the freezer and I am thinking of making some meatballs one of these days...

Guess who didn't keep one of her New Year's resolution? Me! I told myself no new fabrics for the first few months of the year yet here I was with 2-meter of floral fabric. While planning for projects to sew, this Princess Sheath dress is on top of the list. I just l-o-v-e that dress and it is on rotation ever since I made it so better make another one ;)
floral print blend

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