Wednesday, January 13, 2016

goodbye, betty

Darlene's Astoria

I was supposed to use the title "planing and procrastination" for this post as I was or still is planning for what to sew for this year. Some of you already have plans, or have set up a mood board but me, slowly decluttering my clothes.

Darlene's Floral Circle skirt

My strategy is well, start new. However, it is a slow process for me as I find it hard to let go of the clothes I have made. Am I the only one struggling?

Darlene's Refashioned clothes

This is one of the dresses the I decided to let go.  I made this dress during the height of "Mad Men" fashion and my transition in sewing. My mentor taught my how to draft flat sewing pattern but, I never really perfected it. The tops I made from the pattern looks nice yet, I could barely move my arms. I was not able to figure out what I was doing wrong so I gave up. I started consider to use commercial patterns.

The bodice was based on the free bodice sloper and I gradually learn the adjustment and alteration. If you notice, the bodice looks ill-fitting because it was and this had taught me the importance of making a muslin.

No matter how ill fitting this dress on me, I still could not let this go.

Finally, I decided the take a seam ripper. I added a waistband on to the circular skirt and just like that, it looks new. The top is Seamwork's Astoria in textured knit:

Darlene's Astoria (close up look)

The bodice will be facing a different fate: as a patchwork.

Until then,

Happy Sewing!

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