Thursday, January 14, 2016

model member challenge: inspiration

Darlene's inspiration: Tent Dress

I've been wanting to make a tent/trapeze dress for sometime. Although, I am not pretty sure I could pull it off since I am petite (5ft tall) and I do not wear dresses or even skirts with hem above the knee. I saw this  basic shift dress sloper   and I thought: this can be easily modified to a tent dress!

Then Burdastyle announced another "Model Member Challenge" using the said sloper and modification was allowed. After 2 cups of strong coffee,  my game face was on!

I closed the bust dart, just as shown in the diagram (F). Initially considered lengthen the dress upto mid-calf but I felt it going to look weird so I opt for a floor length dress. I chose silk crepe de chine for this project; it may not be the most luxurious type but it's wrinkle resistant. So if I have a party to attend on the weeknight, I could just put it in a bag, along with other accessories, pull it out, wear it, retouch my make-up and I'm off! Convenient! Plus, this has 58" width with non-directional print, it didn't cost me much. 

Darlene's Maxi Dress

I modified the neckline as well (from bateau to jewel). Both neckline and armhole are finished with facings This doesn't have a zipper, just a 6" opening, a hook and a little thread bar at the back.

I submitted my entry sadly, I didn't win the challenge. It was a good experience though.

Hopefully, I'll win next time. ;)


  1. Love that polka dot dress inspiration! Now I want to make one!

    1. i love the polka dot dress too... but my legs aren't as great as hers to i made a full length dress.

      did you make one already?

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