Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I'm currently working on two big sewing projects so for the meantime, you can follow me via

I ventured again into bread making recently *successfully* this time. My earlier attempt were disastrous: I did dehydrate the dried yeast with water that was either not warm enough or too hot. I finally learn the correct temperature and made some of my favorites: (on the left) Pan de Sal (salt bread) and (on the right) Ensaymada (brioche covered with butter and grated cheese).  

Its monsoon season in other part of the world - - I definitely missed the rain and a bowl of warm and comforting bowl of soup.  So I cooked Lomi

I spent my Eid al Fitr holidays sewing 3 more of V8772; my first can be seen here. My first plan was to sew more projects, but the holidays was shorter than anticipated so I settled with these. 

My gym shorts and my first tee; blogged here

I bought another vintage sewing pattern and my collection is growing - oh my!

I was excited that I saw some fresh banana leaves at the grocer the other day. My excitement drew attention of some shoppers that they've approached me and asked if I eat these leaves! ***not funny*** I cooked Maja Mais (mah-ha-ma-is) a variation of a coconut pudding with corn kernels and butter. The pudding was set in a spring-form pan lined with banana leaves. 
And finally a weekend roast. Ina Garten's Perfect Roast Chicken. I first made this many Christmases ago and my family loved it. Since then, they requested this every now and then often times I use chicken thighs while I would cook the whole chicken for celebratory dinners. 

See you on my next post!