Wednesday, May 6, 2015

waste not

I noticed some brown bugs in my flour the other day which means only one thing: CLEAN UP. Which I did however, I wasn't able to bring myself to throw the bug-filled flour away as I was brought up by a mom who taught me to make the most of what I have, literally and figuratively. I do hate wasting but, what else I could do with it?

Dog biscuits!

It just made sense: I got 2 active dogs and my grocery list includes 2-3 packet of dog treats per week!

Darlene made these: Homemade Dog Treats

While I was cleaning my pantry, I found some stale whole wheat flour too and I added the plain flour (sifted, took those critters away). It was enough for this recipe. I know I have dog shaped cookie cutter, but I wasn't able to find it so I used my heart-shaped cookie cutter instead. I'm sure my fur babies would eat these regardless of its shape.

Darlene made these: Homemade Dog Treats

And they did. I'm going to make more of these - it seems more practical since the ingredients are pantry-staple and healthy as well.

Dogs can get sick like us too, so got to keep them stay healthy.


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