Wednesday, April 29, 2015


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Clockwise from top left: I started sewing labels on to my garments since last year and boy! it felt good. No more nameless garments! So I bought another set of labels from ArtsyFartsyOzark.

After spending an afternoon at my parents' farm, my family and I passed by the Chapel of Our Lady of 
Manaoag to offer few prayers. Honestly, there was a point in our family's lives that we were very involved with 
the chapel's activities particularly in choir: my brother played the piano, the other was the musical conductor, 
my sister was member of the choir and I was the kid who ran around or slept during the midnight mass. Seriously, 
I helped out set up the decor during festivities. So my family celebrated the feast with Embutido: a Filipino-style 
(steamed) meatloaf. I won't be discussing on how to make some at your home since there are so many recipes 
you can get like here.

Bottom left: I went to my phone service provider to settle my bills, as I walked in, the lady at the counter welcomed 
me with "Oh my God! You're so skinny! Do you even eat?!?" So, that was me, in my head but, in reality I calmly 
responded with "Of course, I do." But she went on and on and called herself "fat." Her male colleague 
interrupted and finally she stopped talking.   

Unfortunately, it wasn't the first time I received such comments, I had it my whole life. Mom consulted numerous pediatrician, bought countless multi-vitamin and protein supplement products just for me to help me put on weight. By the time I was 10, she gave up. To be fair to her effort and perseverance, at least a couple of her friends complimented my supple "exquisite" looking skin. High school was A LOT worst - the list criticism about my weight is longer than this. My skin will not ever going to get thicker as I would find myself hurt by these comments.

Finally, I went fabric shopping. It was very obvious that my agitated-feeling still lingers that I was picking up blue-colored fabrics. That's blue floral  saree, butterfly print blue cotton sateen, and star printed chambray fabric.

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