Sunday, April 5, 2015

easter:: pistachio rose cupcakes

Darlene made this: Pistachio Rose Cupcakes

I've been browsing pinterest looking for inspiration of what to bake for Easter. The Pistachio Rose Cupcakes particularly caught my attention simply because of the its colors - to me, it looks very spring.

I tried one of the recipes I found, unfortunately it didn't turn out well. It was way too dense - I didn't know what I did wrong. As I spent some good number of days thinking what I did wrong or what went wrong, Cinnamon and Bluebelle, my two dogs, had some extra treats.

I then decided to take my chocolate cupcake recipe, replaced the cocoa powder with pistachio meal and added a couple of tablespoon of rose water. I follow cakes/cupcake recipes down to every letter (ok, I lied: I often reduce the amount of sugar) so doing that, replacing an ingredient with another, was one ballsiest move I did.

Though I am not sure if that's the way it should be done but my cupcakes turned out to be ok: not spongy but at least not dense. I went ahead to make a white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream, pull out my buttercream roses that had been sitting in my freezer, and a bag of mini-chocolate Easter eggs and started frosting.

These turned out to be the prettiest cupcakes I ever made and I was grinning like a little girl.

Though the cupcakes itself is far from perfect and it seems to me that I'm on to a new quest: search for a perfect pistachio rose cupcake recipe.

Easter, after all, is a start of a new beginning.

Happy Easter!

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