Sunday, October 25, 2015

the sew must go on

Whenever I walk in to a fabric store, I usually don't have a specific project in mind.  My decision-making process happens when I check the fabric details: print, texture, width, or how it drapes, if it reminds me of certain silhouette or lifestyle I saw on website, magazine or sewing patterns I have already pinned; if its a yes, then I'll start negotiating for a good price. The process would be in reverse if I'm making a formal evening dress.

Around 3 weeks ago, I went to a store that has a good selection of brocade and jacquard fabrics. I haven't been to this store for a long while (like 3-4 years) since price went way over my budget range, I only went in as there was a massive "sale" sign on their showroom window. I have to make a cocktail dress though I didn't have specific silhouette in mind. The first few fabrics I saw was too shiny for my taste; the owner suggested to head upstairs to see their other range of fabric. I went and met the most annoying salesman - ever! I am not exaggerating but he kept asking the question "what are you looking for? cotton? print?" like every minute! So I explained what I was trying to make yet, he kept asking the same question. Mom insisted I have to make up my mind. What was I was seeing around me didn't stimulate me to think creatively, so I look onto my phone and found this:


This silhouette reminded me of Princess Sheath dress I made twice (here and here) Finally, something clicked! I knew it's impossible to find a similar print, so I settled with this:

I also got my notions, and lining for the project. I adjusted the pattern - raise the neckline and chopped off 3/8" across the bodice (somewhere in-between the arm cycle) - made the muslin and it was as fitted as I thought it would. As I lay my patterns to the fashion fabric I notice that the motif has 'direction' (see those smaller motifs around the big one?) and there are chances that the big motif would be on my derriere... Sugar, Honey, Ice Tea!

Plan B.

It was almost midnight and I got less than a week to make my dress; so dig in to to my stash, luckily I found this brocade and jacquard:
Hacking Process: Fashion Fabric part 2

I also got black habutai silk, thread and invisible zipper. The brocade fabric has a small width (44/45") so I didn't went obsessively match the motif at every seam; the reverse side has this rows of colors so I did try to match those so at least there would be a sense of continuity to it (you get what I mean, right?).

Darlene made this: "Hacked" Princess Sheath

Darlene made this: "Hacked" Princess Sheath

I made an obi-belt with the jacquard fabric. I didn't make it too wide as I have a short torso.

Darlene made this: "Hacked" Princess Sheath

Here's some pictures, taken at the party:

Darlene made this: "Hacked: Princess Sheath

Darlene made this: "Hacked: Princess Sheath

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  1. Fabulous silhouette. Sassy Sewing Bees

  2. Just found your blog (through BurdaStyle) and LOVE it! Looking forward to seeing your new creations!

    Going to thoroughly stalk the rest of your posts now! Lol.