Sunday, October 4, 2015

insta-recap:: september, 2015

I'll be posting about my recent project soon, at the meantime, you can follow me via:

 A glimpse of the cutting process and the finished bodice of the dress I made recently.

My family and I celebrated the feast of my hometown with my variation of Fresh Lumpia which I served along with a fiesta-staple Menudo.  This is my variation of my mom's variation of lumpia, I know sounds confusing. My mom's variation of this recipe, since she doesn't know how to make fresh lumpia wrapper, is sauteed shrimps, green beans, julienne carrots & jicama with thickened sauce and minced fresh garlic and chopped toasted peanuts. I, like my mom, doesn't know how to make fresh wrapper, so I wrapped the sauteed veggies with plain crepe. Traditionally, the sauce or at least all of what I have tasted in the past, is a thickened and sweetened broth with minced raw garlic - which I never really appreciated. So instead, I made this sauce using shrimp broth, peanut butter, soy sauce, brown sugar (just a *hint* of sweetness) and seasoned with salt pepper. So my variation is more like a sweet & savory crepe, a very eclectic but, my family loves these and that's what really matters. 

New fabric in my stash! I supposedly shopping for suiting/coat fabric but I bought this instead. Well, it looks so pretty I can't resist. I've been contemplating to make Alder shirtdress for so long; maybe its about time. 

I missed having heavy breakfast, so I made some chicken longaniza which I served with fried rice and fresh tomatoes. I have made this before, but my earlier version was too dry but this time it wasn't as I added some pork. There was some pork chunks sitting in my fridge, I just cut the fat part of it, put it in a food processor and added it to a mixture. 

I was working on my project  last week and my tailoring chalk fell from the table :( 

Until then, 

See you on my next post!

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