Sunday, December 14, 2014

the quest continues...

Darlene Made this: Belcarra Blouse

Its been a while since I made something to my mom. I often ignore her request, as I always find it difficult to please her. There were even times that I don't understand exactly what she is asking. For instance, she asked me to make her a blouse she could wear with a skirt - - since I wear blouse/tops interchangeably with pants or skirts - - I have no idea what that means.

I saw Belcarra blouse pattern - a simple top, no closures, just bias binding and top stitching is required. I made a muslin first in size 16; she liked the fit, and the length; she only  asked to make the neckline narrower.


So I adjusted the pattern, pulled fabrics from my inventory, cut, put in on assembly line  and sew away.
Three finished blouses later, mom came to me and ask for another blouse.

Wait, what?

It turn out that she doesn't like the blouses I made her, and the neckline is not narrow enough.

Oh dear...

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