Thursday, July 9, 2015

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We're half way through the Holy Month of Ramadan and it's 45C outside. I stay indoors yet trying my best to bear the heat in the kitchen, literally. I lined up my sewing projects anticipating for the long Eid holiday, at the meantime, you can follow me via:

Darlene cooked this: Mustard Chicken

The scorching heat of the summer made me lazy to cook. I marinated these chicken thighs the night before, put in the oven late afternoon and voila! Mustard Chicken for dinner! Roasting didn't require me to be in the kitchen as my dish cooks - just let the oven do its job.

Homepage, baby!My dress made it to the Burdastyle homepage! Darlene cooked this: Chicken Pastelle
Chicken Pastelle is a dish I learnt when I was in high school. No, it wasn't a part of home economic class but rather it was a packed lunch brought by one of my friends. I liked it so much that I was shameless to ask for the recipe. It's chicken sauteed in onion, garlic and celery, then add mushroom, waterchestnut, carrots and a can of condensed mushroom soup. It is still one of my favorites.

Darlene cooked this: Lentil Soup

Though I am not a Muslim, I cook something light for Iftar for my family everyday during the Holy Month of Ramadan (since I only cook on weekends). So whenever the clock hits 5pm, my family asks me what I'm going to cook for them. This time however, I didn't plan my dishes - just raiding my cupboard and fridge and see what I could come up with. This one of the dishes I came up with: Shrimp Scampi.

I made alot of soups. Far too many that, my mom often teased me that if she'll visit me in my house someday, I'll be serving her nothing but soup. It was an irony that she actually asked for a soup the other day - HA! So I made a batch of lentil soup.

Darlene's Fit and Flounce Jersey Dress

And finally, the dress I made recently. My second fushia (or magenta) dress in my closet - for this year, that is.

Thank your so much for reading...!

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