Tuesday, April 12, 2016

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Darlene's Minimalist Dress: the fabric

There was a fabric sale and as expected, my impulse buying was in full gear which basically means: buy-now-deal-with-it-later. Later seem to be an understatement; it took me nearly 10 years to finally make something with it.
Darlene's Minimalist Dress: Geometric Dress 104 08/2014

The fabric is a light weight textured jacquard in watermelon color. It doesn't have a drape so I was looking for a dress pattern that has structure. Then this came along. Perfect!

Darlene's Minimalist Dress: Geometric Dress 104 08/2014

I like the intricate design lines and to alter it to my measurement was a challenge. It was worth it: from a distance it looks like a very simple dress, but when you look close enough there's the texture and details that is not overwhelming. Although I have to admit, the pictures doesn't do justice...

Now for the construction details: because the fabric is light weight, all of the pattern pieces was block-fused with a light weight fusiknit to give it more body and a 3/8" rayon ribbon was sewn to the diagonal seam/design lines of the skirt for reinforcement:

Darlene's Minimalist Dress: Construction Details

The dress is fully lined. The lining is hand sewn to the shell fabric with tiny fell stitches. There is also pickstitch along the neckline to hold the lining in its place:

Darlene's Minimalist Dress: Construction Details

That's the last of my 2015 label. Woot! woot!

I'm off to my next ten garments...

Until then,


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