Tuesday, April 5, 2016

insta-recap: March, 2016

Without further ado, here's a little recap last month:

I have finalized my sewing plans for this year which I affectionately call "10 for 10":
Darlene's Sewing Plans for 2016

I was dandruff-free for more than 2 years with the help of a Japanese brand shampoo but when the dandruff came back, it came with vengeance. I discovered this company while I was searching for a new shampoo to try. Their Neem and Tea Tree Body and Hair Shampoo works wonders with my dandruff and body acne. They ran a little contest last month so this was my entry:

I am working on a sewing project which I'll be posting soon:

I do barbeque in my backyard nearly every Saturday since my dad's birthday. Here, I made Chicken Barbeque using my dad's recipe, Chargrilled Tilapia (my sister's fave):

We were told to anticipate a rainy weather so I cook a batch of Chicken Mami. Its a Filipino-style chicken noodle soup: fresh egg noodles, shredded chicken with a flavorful broth. Mine is topped with fried garlic, chopped chicken cracklings, green onions and fried crab-flavored balls. Yum!

See you in my next post!