Tuesday, July 26, 2016

not so little black dress

Since I was *temporarily* kicked out from my family's kitchen, I poured out my grief in my sewing nook: organizing my fabric, remnants, notions, patterns and some actual sewing. 

I ticked off a project from my list: Cameron knit dress from StyleArc. I purchased the PDF copy of this pattern and the tiles are easy to assemble. The pattern includes seam and hem allowance and since the dress has a blouson design I didn't worry about the fit and simply went ahead with the sewing.

Darlene made this: Cameron Dress

I like this dress not just because it fits well but also because its black: it can be accessorized in many ways.I wore this early this month for an Iftar dinner and was adorn with a smaller version of Omani silver Hirz or Hijab necklace.

Omani Hirz Hijab Necklace

My only regret was that I should have worn a slip underneath because of the wrap skirt. I was really conscious of exposing more than I should. The problem is I don't own one since the material I always used are thick enough and my dresses or skirts are fully lined that I don't really need to wear extra underneath.

So I guess I need to make one and luckily this silk fabric has been sitting in my stash:

I'm sure I could squeezed in another project in my list.

See you in my next post!

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