Tuesday, May 10, 2016

hot pink

I'm seeing a lot of silk trench coat recently and I thought, maybe I catch up with the fashion trend once in a while. I also took the opportunity to use one of my vintage pattern from my collection.

I bought this coat pattern last year . It is double breasted coat though it doesn't have the details of a trench coat but it did just fine with me. I made the coat in View C and did a rough tissue fitting instead of making a toile or a muslin. Luckily, I only need to shorten the hem and the sleeves by 2 inches.

The fabric is rayon or faux silk (not really sure); lightweight and has a lot of drape. I was hoping to get tan or a powder pink colored fabric but my options were very limited: purple, lavender, wine and hot pink. Wine was my first choice but there weren't enough yardage for the project so I ended up settling with the hot pink.

Darlene's Silk coat

Darlene's Silk Coat

I wore the coat with my Floral Princess Sheath Dress, first seen here. Now for the construction details:

Darlene's Silk Coat: construction details

I used light weight fusi-knit for the facing and the collar. The facing has a Hongkong finish; I must be lucky to have bias strips of the same color in my stash!

Darlene's Silk Coat: construction details

I used a medium weight fusible interfacing for the belt and though it wasn't called for, I added belt loops at the sides. I omitted the side inseam pockets and finish the sides with French seam. 

Darlene's Silk Coat: construction details

Also did a top stitching at lapels. I really liked how this coat turn out and I hope I could make another - maybe a linen version. 

Darlene's Silk Coat

See you in my next post!


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