Monday, May 2, 2016

insta-recap: April, 2016

Here's a little recap for April:

New dress and used the last of the clothing label for 2015:
Darlene made this: Burdastyle Geometric Dress

A work in progress; I usually bundle up cut up fabrics like so and put it in a small box or bag along with the notions that are needed for the project. It saves me time.

Work in progress

Last char-grilled food for the season: Chicken Tandoori.

Darlene's Chicken Tandoori

Ticked off a project from my list

Darlene's Ultimate Trousers

I had a pasta cravings last month. My mom always cook this for my birthday but since I learnt the recipe, I can cook this anytime.

Darlene's Spaghetti ala Stroganoff

Are you participating this year's Me Made May? I unfortunately have to pass but I am considering joining Self Stitch September instead.

See you in my next post!


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